Anthology of Human Repetitive DNA
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AP Endonuclease
An enzyme that cleaves apyrimidinic or apurinic sites in DNA.
Autonomous Transposable Element
A mobile element encoding enzyme(s) necessary for its proliferation in the host
genome. All other mobile elements are called nonautonomous.
Consensus Sequence
A DNA or protein sequence made of nucleotides or amino acid residues prevalent at
each position in a set of multiply aligned homologous sequences.
A DNA copy of an RNA molecule created during reverse transcription.
DNA Transposon
A transposable element that moves from one genomic site to another in the form of
DNA only.
Family of Repetitive Elements
Multiple DNA copies derived from a number of related transposable elements called
source, founder, or master genes. A repetitive family can be divided into subfamilies,
each corresponding to a separate founder gene.
Interspersed Repeats
Randomly inserted copies of currently or historically active transposable elements.
Long Interspersed Repeat (LINE) Element
A non-LTR retrotransposon encoding reverse transcriptase and endonuclease
catalyzing nuclear reverse transcription and integration of cDNA in the host genome.
Long Terminal Repeats (LTRs)
200 to 3000 bp long identical DNA sequences flanking a provirus sequence.
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